Story Lab

Story Lab is a series of theatrical and educational projects, created in collaboration and with highschool students, aimed primarily at their peers. In the formula developed at ASSITEJ, performances are created based on interviews conducted by young people with their families, friends, witnesses to history, important figures of political and social life, enriched with the appropriate tools provided to them in a series of workshops. Participants in the project seek to initiate intergenerational dialogue. They are not afraid to raise difficult issues, such as the restriction of freedom and rebellion in the modern world. They involve the audience in the conversation.

So far, the following editions have taken place: “StoryLab 1986” (2016), “StoryLab 1968” (2019), “StoryLab 1970”, dir. Wojciech Faruga (2020), “Story Lab 1981. Martial Law” dir. Wojciech Faruga (2021).